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Our story

The genesis of Vertex can be traced to the founders’ deep sense of concern that professionals today ,not only need to have a world vision, but also need to be multi-skilled individuals who may need to re-engineer their skill sets several times to keep ablest in this globalization era and keep up with fluctuating economic Curves.

Vertex provides professional Consultancy, Training and Solutions in Labor Contracts, Manpower Planning, and HR consulting, Sales, Marketing, Organizational Structuring, Corporate Branding and People management. We specialize in building an aggressive performance orientation within an organization. we work focused on facilitating Breakthroughs and Transformations that directly impact the top and bottom lines.

Our Mission

Our Mission is Empowerment through Education to ensure that all professionals discover and develop their special talents, achieve dynamism and Life goals, become life long learner we seek on improvising standards of Service.

Our Vision

Vertex creates a system that enables every Professional, including those with diverse needs, to meet or exceed rigorous standards for performance.
Our vision is to see problems as challenges, and ends as opportunities people as power and business as strategic profit

Our Strategies

We aim at achieving our goals through the following strategies

  • A unique 3 pronged strategic approach
  • Man Management
  • Initial sensing
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Contract consultancy And organizational forming